UPDATED: 1/11/02

IMTF and IFMA in amalgamation talks
It was reported today, that the two main International Muaythai Organisations,
who have long competed against each other,
may finally be burying the hatchett and combining their efforts for the greater good of Muaythai.
The Heads of both organisations are apparently hoping that IFMA will agree to become
the Amateur side of the IMTF (formally the IAMTF).
More News to follow as soon as we get it!

Of the Clash of the Titans 5th of October.
(at long last!)

SAMTA Title fight-night
FULL RULES knees and Elbows to the head

16th November, Hamilton.


STBA at the Normanday Hotel
10th November

Sandy Holt's fight night. Manchester
1st December
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